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Physiotherpists provide an in depth musculoskeletal physical assessment, to diagnose injury or disability. At Park West Physiotherapy we will not only treat the symptoms of your injury but get to the actual source of the problem allowing for optimal recovery and prevention of future flare ups.


“Massage therapy is the manual manipulation of the soft tissues of the body, to achieve a therapeutic response. It enhances the function of muscles and joints. It improves the circulation of the blood and lymph, relieves pain and stress, and may reduce blood pressure. Massage therapy has a sedative, calming effect.

Massage therapy is designed to rehabilitate, maintain or improve physical function by performing manipulation techniques. Massage therapists are also trained in hydrotherapy and remedial exercise. The therapeutic effects of massage therapy benefit men, women, pregnant women, infants, children and the elderly and can provide relief from a wide variety of mild and acute conditions.”
MTANS-Massage Therapists Association of Nova Scotia


Acupuncture is a way of tapping into your body’s healing processes using single-use sterile needles. We are trained to use it gently and safely for muscle and joint pain problems in conjunction with other therapeutic techniques. Acupuncture can have significant effects at reducing pain and inflammation as well as treating muscle tension.

Physiotherapists at Park West Physiotherapy practice anatomical acupuncture which involves the insertion of needles in traditional acupuncture points to induce the desired mechanical and/or physiological responses at the injured area. Your physiotherapist may suggest that acupuncture is appropriate for your injury. You may also ask your physiotherapist if it would be beneficial.

When acupuncture is used as a part of your physiotherapy treatment it is performed by a physiotherapist and is included as part of your treatment. There is no additional cost for acupuncture.


Following an injury the structures of the injured area may not move properly resulting in pain, decreased movement, stiffness and weakness. Manual Therapy helps to restore the proper movement of the joints, and soft-tissues associated with your injury.

All of the Physiotherapists working at Park West Physiotherapy have completed or are in the process of completing the post-graduate certification in Orthopaedic Manual Therapy. This specialized training allows the physiotherapist to assess and treat your individual joints and soft-tissues.

Manual Therapy techniques include spinal mobilization or manipulation, and mobilization or manipulation of the extremities. Manual therapy is a safe, comfortable and hands-on approach to improve movement helping you maximize your recovery.

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